Screen printing is a method in which ink is applied directly to the surface to be printed. Ink is wiped across an exposed screen and applied to each garment. Each color of ink on a design requires a separate screen. The most cost effective and common method of printing t-shirts. We do require a minimum of 24 shirts when screen printing to void a set-up cost. 



Embroidery is the process of applying a logo on clothing with the process of stitching thread to a garment. Our high-tech embroidery machines use digital images and computer programs to tell the needle what to do, and before you know it you have a professional looking embroidered item. Cost of embroidery is based on a stitch count. 



Vinyl printing uses our cutting machine to cut designs out of vinyl material that are then heat pressed onto garments. Both single color and full color methods are available. The most common use of this method is for putting names and numbers on jerseys. This process is the most cost effective way of doing small quantities of designs. 



Our vinyl cutter also serves a variety of other purposes. We are able to print and cut a wide variety of banners, stickers, decals, window vinyl, yard signs and much more. Whether it is for a one-time event or something permanent, we have an answer for it. Most items printed and cut with this method are charged by the square inch or foot. 



Our engraving machine has a wide variety of uses. Originally used for plaques and trophies, we have expanded to meet all sorts of personalized  needs. Name badges, custom engraved plates, wooden objects, leather patches, tumblers -- you name it, we've probably done it. We are always done to try something new and experimenting with our machine. 



While our laser engraver allows us to do some really neat stuff, our lifeblood has always been our awards work. Trophies, resins, plaques, medals, glass awards -- all classics that will always be in demand. Recognition is important for sporting events, businesses, retirements and all other sorts of events. From simple to extravagant -- we've got you covered. 



Camp Chef branded grilling and outdoor equipment and accessories are now available at Sun Gold! Smokers, pellet grills, griddles and pizza ovens are the main attraction with this line. Cooking utensils, spices and other accessories are also available. Check us out and ask about our other Camp Chef items that we offer!